Videos Android App

Videos app for Android

The Videos application for your Androidtm phone gives you a simple interface to videos stored on your phone. Simple to use with many customization options. Now there is the Videos Application! 
  • Share. Now you can share your videos. 
  • Sort on Name, Date Added, Duration, Type, and Size
  • Ascending or descending order
  • Delete

Display the following information
  • Thumbnail
  • Themes
  • Name of Video
  • Length
  • Time left (if bookmarked)
  • Launch the video

Feel free to email me comments or suggestions at

Change Log

[June 2, 2010] v1.4
  • Share. Now you can share your videos. To share \"long\" click on a video to activate the share option.
  • Sorting. Now you can sort your vidos on Name, Date Added, Duration, Type or Size.
  • Refresh. Now you can rescan your SD card for videos and update your video library.
  • Delete.
[April 4, 2010] v1.3
  • New themes
  • Now will run on all Android phones
  • Title how has a larger bold font
  • Time and time left larger font
[March 8, 2010] v1.2
  • Correct a negative time left display for some on Droid.
  • Correct spelling error.
  • Add an about screen.
[March 7, 2010] v1.1
  • Correct an issue that caused a crash on launch for some using Droid.
[March 6, 2010] v1.0
  • Released